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Non Medical Prescribing

Our National Rheumatology Physiotherapy Survey of November 2019 (full write up coming soon!) revealed 20% of respondents as Non Medical Prescribers. This role for physiotherapists is not new and advanced practice for rheumatology physiotherapists has been championed since at least 2001. Physiotherapists are inputting in drugs databases (eg. Bluetec), they are monitoring patients on csDMARDs, biologics and newer drugs (often whilst running axSpA clinics - another big development opportunity...

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ACR 2016 Fibromyalgia Diagnostic Criteria

The 2010/2011 ACR guidance document suggested replacing the tender point score with a questionnaire based solution to picking up a potential fibromyalgia diagnosis. The adoption of this has been slow and the physical assessment nature of the tender point score still has some merit in some cases. We switched soon after the 2011 paper and the 2016 update has made the criteria quicker to perform and more patient friendly. The corona virus pandemic mandated switch to telephone and video...

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Switch option, mid-appointment, from telephone to video consultation.

We've switched almost all our consults to telephone. We are now adding in an option for video consult. Rheumatology assessment often requires a visual component. However, patients may not be familiar with video consult or struggle with engaging with new technology. We have a process to rapidly switch to video consult during our telephone appointments. The familiarity of a phone call is the start point, but should the assessment lead to a requirement for visuals then a very quick switch to...

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