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Screening strategy- questioning for suspected inflammatory arthritis embedded into primary care MSK spine pathway

We have incorporated screening questions for signs, symptoms and risk factors for axSpA into the local digital Msk assessment templates to support earlier recognition of suspected AxSpA and referral to rheumatology.   We also are in the process of sending out screening questionnaires for axSpA  to people on the Msk AP spinal triage waiting list to those with persistent back pain under age of 45 years.  With the current climate these people are currently on a 'routine' waiting list to be...

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Horizon 2

Embedded digital strategies for Msk screening questioning for suspected inflammatory arthritis

This initiative has been a particularly important for improving screening for suspected axial and peripheral spondyloarthritis which needs questioning on extra-articular features and checking for signs, symptoms and risk factors that raise suspicion in addition to prolonged morning stiffness. Normal blood tests do not rule out these conditions. The aim is to reduce common delays in diagnosis that can be 8-9 years for many people. We have used  NICE guidance [NG65 & NG100] referral...

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Carol McCrum

Eastbourne, United Kingdom

Joined this community on May 12, 2020

Bio Carol McCrum is a Consultant Physiotherapist working in Orthopaedic, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy services, Carol is also active in research, clinical education and keen to support innovation and advances in practice across these specialties. @carol_mccrum

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East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

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