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Use of video conferencing to facilitate joint specialty consultation

by Helen Linklater | Jun 8, 2020 | in Rheumatology

Many of our idiopathic inflammatory myositis patients have coexistent pulmonary fibrosis and are immunosuppressed.  I manage my patients in conjunction with a tertiary centre to facilitate access to IVIG and/or rituximab etc that require NHS England funding.  My tertiary rheumatologist colleague, myself and one of our patients with IIM will video consult in the next two weeks via Attend Anywhere, and consider whether we should submit a funding application for rituximab treatment.  This may represent a new model of care for these patients, which is exciting. I will feedback

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Carol McCrum Jun 10, 2020

Hi Helen- this opportunity is very exciting and am sure the benefits for patient outcomes will show- wondering on your thoughts on implications that need supporting/consideration going forward other than the ongoing technology - funding, tariffs, commissioning or if it is all in place already- thx!

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Helen Linklater Jun 10, 2020

Hi Carol, thanks for your interest. If it works we may consider a three monthly joint clinic as these patients are shielding and travelling into central London for tertiary assessment not feasible. It's a case of needs must. I am sure we will need to gather metrics, will keep you posted.

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Carol McCrum 8 months ago

Hi Helen
Just wondering if this combined virtual clinic strategy is still being undertaken with tertiary service/s with the challenges of covid circumstances persisting and can it be an ongoing strategy

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