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Telecommunication - Patient Choice

by Melanie Martin | May 31, 2020 | in Rheumatology
Horizon 2

During Covid-19 ensuring the accessibility of our service was critical for patients to feel cared for at home. We increased the number of online telephone appointments by recruiting professors, consultants and registrars to engage in online telephone appointments, A role usually held by nurses. It has helped the wider team gain insight and respect the role each other plays within our service. Where possible we used our service website and remote monitoring SMS service to encourage those digitally able to use email rather than contact us by telephone so that those unable to use or access email had equitable access to our service. We tried to encourage patients to think about their fellow service-users when accessing the service and whether an email would resolve their query without taking an unnecessary telephone booking. 

What is needed to sustain the change?

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edited on Dec 16, 2020 by Kyle Beacham
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Carol McCrum Jun 3, 2020

Hi Mel
Really helpful post, thank you
- could you outline a little more about your remote monitoring SMS service and any other digital strategies - is this something other services could initiate and thoughts on any advice or other considerations- finance, time, staffing?

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Carol McCrum Jun 3, 2020

Hi Mel
Have just seen your other post on the SMS service - thank you

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Greta McLachlan Jun 3, 2020

Status labels added: Virtual consultation, Technology (software/ apps), Horizon 2

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Kyle Beacham Jun 3, 2020

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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Kyle Beacham Jul 13, 2020

Status labels removed: Technology (Software/ Apps), Virtual Consulting

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