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Please help us to understand how people with lived experience, families, volunteers and/or communities have worked in partnership with services during the coronavirus pandemic, to help shape the design and delivery of services.




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Horizon 2

Patient Led Pain Support Group - collaboration with Camden MSK patient director

As patient director of Camden MSK supported the PPSG to continue contact throughout COVID as their face to face meetings had to stop. What’s app used to share information about local opportunities - fast and can be muted if people choose They informed me of Minded Institute offering twice weekly on line yoga Another 3rd sector organisation offered Tai Chi This was a great way to share information and opportunities to still engage  @GaGa_Radio_uk gave chronic pain patients and...

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Horizon 2

Camden MSK Lockdown Group

Twice weekly virtual  ‘check in’ for patients with chronic pain associated with MSK conditions. Open to our patients, their carers, clinicians and public with MSK interest. Very loose and flexible. Many of our patients are shielding / self isolating and felt they needed to connect with others in similar situation. Patient Director and Clinical Director both attended these informal meetings Tuesdays and Fridays having spoken to patients to choose days and times to suit their requirements....

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Horizon 1

COGUK collaboration

The mission for me in founding COGUK has been to reduce professional silos and collaborate to provide more community directed services..  Osteopathy is mostly outside NHS services and is highly rated by patients who end up with osteopathy care. Osteopathy offers a highly adaptive approach to patient needs and although very much an evidence informed part of allied healthcare, the style of working diagnosis facilitates a flexible approach to individuals that allows changed to patient...

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Horizon 1

Collaboration with RBWM Borough Council on Spinal care at home

We worked with the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to support their  staff well being (2500 employees) as well as local vulnerable communities that remain at home and designed a virtual home visit tour looking at each room in the home and how to make it more appropriate for good spinal health. The concept was to provide help overcoming and preventing  spinal pain and stiffness.  This included neck pain and lower back pain as a focus but also how to get out of bed and sofa more...

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Horizon 3

Pain management beyond COVID

A pro active group, let by Louise Trewern and supported by the PPA to connect people with lived experience and HCPs in  shaping and influencing service delivery options beyond this Pandemic. With the widespread disruption (or even temporary closure) of many pain services, coupled with rapid transition to online delivery of many services, people.with lived experience are demonstrating their desire to be actively involved. Plans are afoot to hold monthly meetings 

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Segmenting patients:"what matters to me" & implications for virtual consultations and self-service technologies post-Covid

More learning from Sweden: Sweden has a national transformation strategy called "the patient compact" which is about co-creating new models of care between patients and clinicians  and building relationships at the point of care. As part of this, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions carried out a large study of what matters most to patients. As a result, they have come up with new ways of segmenting patients.This has significant implications for our thinking about we...

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Jönköping, Sweden: a "living library" of patients supports other patients to make the transition to virtual consultation

Very often, health & care providers support clinicians to work virtually but we don't offer the same support and training to patients. In Jönköping Sweden, the “living library”, a group of patient leaders, is supporting thousands of service users to make the switch to virtual consultations during the Covid-19 pandemic. The ‘living library’ concept lends people rather than books. The ‘books’ are the people who have similar lived experiences, and they are ‘borrowed’ to ‘readers’.

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