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Webinars to Support Digital Rehabilitation Delivery

Posted by Kyle Beacham (Admin) 11 months ago Posted in Pain Management

Physiotherapy Pain Association

What happened?

  • When did you change? 
Two online open access webinars planned and delivered in May & June 2020. 
Monthly Peer Support and Reflection Group commenced in July 2020.
  • Who was involved? 

The Physiotherapy Pain Association (PPA) Committee and other invited clinicians.

  • How did you change?

In the initial stages of the response to COVID-19, the committee recognised that there were significant barriers to delivery of digital consultations and wished to highlight the experiences of patients and early adopters who had attended online groups and appointments. Interaction with other networks identified that there was some apprehension and low self-efficacy in their abilities to deliver physiotherapy online.  One webinar was on group rehabilitation and another was on individual consultations. Following the webinars, we set up a monthly PPA Peer Support and Supervision Group with trained and trainee facilitators that is free and open to all PPA members. This group has patient representation and supports clinicians to engage in person centred rehabilitation. 

  •  What challenges did you face?
The PPA committee are all volunteers, but were very generous with their time
The PPA have one hour of paid administrator support per week
  • What successes occurred?
Almost 200 people attended the livestream of "Online Pain Management Groups" and the recording has over 1,400 views. 
100 people attended "Digital Consultations" and the recording has 250 views.
The monthly group has been held 3 times and is well attended.

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