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Virtual Pain Management Programme (vPMP)

Posted by Kyle Beacham (Admin) 11 months ago Posted in Pain Management

What happened?

  • When did you change? 
Online offer planned throughout April and commenced in May
  • Who was involved?  
Clinical psychologists and specialist pain physiotherapists in the department; Counterparts at other London Pain Clinics via the Pain Psychologists in London (PPIL) and London Pain Physio Network (LPPN); Trust management and CW+ Charity; Willing patients
  • How did you change?  
90min in-person Pain Education Session converted to 90min Zoom session. Patients then opted into a 50min Zoom assessment with Psych/Phys. Those suitable offered a 12 session virtual Pain Management Programme (vPMP) over 4 weeks
  • What challenges did you face? 
Digital literacy (of patients and staff); Accessibility (e.g. availability of fast enough broadband); Paucity of PMP evidence/literature for online delivery; Development of materials
  • What successes occurred? 
Improved outcomes for patients; stakeholder involvement to reshape vPMP for subsequent cohorts

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