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Embedded digital strategies for MSK screening questioning for suspected inflammatory arthritis

Posted by Kyle Beacham (Admin) 11 months ago Posted in Primary/Community Assessment and Triage

When did you change?

  • Developed project in line with the introduction of digital software for electronic records
Who was involved?
  • Physiotherapy Team leads, Software project Lead, Physiotherapy colleagues
How did you change?
  • Explored options on software programme on how and where to embed the screening questions strategy within the digital entries during the assessment process
  • Questions informed by NICE guidance [NG65 & NG100] referral criteria, NICE interactive flowcharts, National Axial Spondyloarthritis Society and ASAS tools and resources to support this screening initiative
What challenges did you face?
  • The screening cannot be mandated within the assessment process and requires clinicians to engage with the pop-up prompt and enter the screening section to complete the screening questions
  • The screening process is not appropriate for all people being assessed and so ‘pop up’ fatigue on the site may mean it is ignored
  • Time factors and pressures to get software into daily clinical practice
  • Screening still requires clinical decision making on when there is sufficient suspicion to make an onward referral
What successes occurred?
  • Collaboration with teams to develop and test the screening strategy

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